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Email received March 26, 2007:

Just a quick note to say thank you. He is a much improved dog.  Unbelievable advancement. I am so very pleased. Last night we were tossing and retreiving.  He lost the location on the toy and I was able to get him to stop and sweep wide left and back.  We're going to the ranch this weekend which will give me the space to really work him

W.E. Rogers


Email received October 12, 2006:

Good morning.  Excaliber's doing great!  He stays, sits and come on command.  We now have fun together playing "fetch" and most importantly, I can let him run around the field without the fear of running in the streets.  Many occassions, he plays out in the open field and cars drive up to the adjacent lot, and I'm able to command him to sit and stay and he obeys immediately.  Excaliber is a totally different dog, that is mainly because of your training.  Again, Melanie and I thank you and April for the hard work you put in on training Excaliber.

 Thanks for checking up on him!



Email received September 25, 2006:


I took Deuce hunting Saturday and he did great.  I shot 6 birds for him and he retrieved them all.  

He made a perfect blind retrieve on one he did not see go down and that made my day.

 He even barked/whined at me when the action was slow.

 Thanks for all your hard work….I believe I have a great dog in the works.

T. Pilland


Email received September 11, 2008:


How are you doing?

It has been a while since we've talked, but with the hunting season coming up, I wanted to check in with you and let you know that Rusty is doing very well.

I worked with him through the spring and as much as I could over the summer, and I am excited for the early teal season and South dove season to get under way.  I am living in Houston now working full time, or I would have been out to see you.  Next time I can manage, I will make a trip your way to say hello and let you see Rusty.

I got him de-snaked this year for the season, and he sure did take the lesson well.  He had a run in with one out at my Ranch and he quickly remembered to stay away from them!

He is such a smart parent's have fallen in love with him and he has learned all of my parent's house rules, like not to leave when the gate is opened or to come inside unless invited, and not get underfoot when you are working in the yard, etc.  I have had such a great time having him as a companion, not to mention as a hunting buddy and a great retriever.


Warm Regards,

Tommy Holmes











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